Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Ever since the groovy 7os there's been at least one little Schneider who's ventured out into the cold to take candy from strangers. Can you believe that it took 30 whole years to mark the end of this fabulous era? This is the first year since 1977 that there hasn't been a Schneid trick or treater! Rach opted out of this venture this year to go to a 'scary movie party'.
Luckily we have activities like our ward trunk or treat party to dress up and get into the Halloween spirit. And this year is the start of a whole new generation of Schneider family trick or treaters! We were soo lucky to have most of the LA contingent up for a Halloween visit this year - twin turtle power! And soo lucky to have a dead prom queen, a fairy and Indian, a pumpkin patch, Harry Potter and Aaron as himself join in the festivities all the way from Vancouver.
Happy Halloween!
Love Coco

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