Saturday, August 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Lindsay! 

This song reminds me of you as I've heard you sing it so well so many times. Happy Birthday and hope you have a great day.

Happy Birthday Lindsay and David!

I'm hoping the better late than never adage applies here.

Lindsay, Something I really appreciate about you is the reverence and importance you place on motherhood.  I love that having children has been something you've desired for a long time and I love how wonderful you are with little Jamison.  Whenever I hear this song I think of holy mothers and I know you're included in that group.

Happy Birthday David!!

This is embarrassingly late - sorry David.  I've actually been thinking of you lately and decided to check out your interests on facebook.  I'm impressed.  Your tastes are quite diverse and anyone who loves Arrested Development as much as I do is a kindred spirit indeed.  Arrested Development is like music to my ears so I've chosen this for your birthday "song".

Love to you both!!!

Lindsay Birthday Part 2

Didn't get my song in, so here it is:

Lindsay, I'm so glad we're together!    And now with little Jamison in our lives it only gets better!  Keep going and don't stop believing!
(The video won't embed)

From Jamison:

Happy Birthday Lindsay!

When I first heard this song by Regina Spektor I thought of Lindsay. Lindsay also said that she liked to sing her songs so that was a nice confirmation for me. I admire Lindsay for being happy all the time and just seeing things through an optimistic perspective. Also you're very creative. Happy Birthday Lindsay!

Love, Rico

Hi Linds,

I remember you used to like Sarah Harmer.  This song reminds me of you because it is so 
creative and unique.    I especially like the house in the briefcase.
Hope you have a fabulous birthday!!

Luv, Dad
(editor's note: the official link that Dad sent me is unavailable in the US, this is the music video Dad is talking about, but it's not officially from Sarah Harmer's youtube channel. So watch this while you can before it gets taken down.)
Lindsay - 
I chose this song because I don't know of anyone who thinks of you without thinking of music and singing. It's so much a part of you. But the other equally big part of you is your cheery and happy outlook on life.  You have blended those two elements in such a beautiful way and have inspired so many people and made so many happy. And now sweet Jamison gets to be one of those people.
I love you.  Have a wonderful birthday!
The woman in the video reminds me of you - even down to the pink guitar! :)
(The first part of the video is talking, so start after one minute.)
 - Mom

Your ability to always be optimistic and loving and supportive is such a blessing in all of our lives.  You have an ability to see the bright side and the goodness in every situation and every individual.  You're going to be one of the best moms ever.  I hope you have the best birthday.  I hope you like this song, for some reason Ingrid Michaelson's voice reminds me of yours, yours is better but she comes pretty close, I hope you like it.
Love, Beej

Happy birthday! It was nice to see you and Spencer and baby Jamison at the wedding. 

Now, for your song – I put a lot of thought into this. I was trying to think of what word best describes your personality. After much internal debate, I settled on "bubbly."
I know Jack Johnson is referring to toes here, but I think the upbeat, positive feel of the song and the bubbly cadence make it a good fit for you.

I wish you and Spencer all the best this year as you raise Jamison!
- Andrew
Here it is!

Happy birthday Linds! Hope you have the awesomest day! The first thing that comes to mind for songs that remind me of you is oldies. You have always loved them and I think they capture your fun personality. More specifically, I will always remember the times you taught me how to swing dance. This song jumped to mind because its such a classic swing dance song. We had some good moves! You were always one to teach your little sis something new and I really appreciated that and still do! Love you tons and happy happy birthday once again!
- Rachel 
Happy Birthday Lindsay!  I hope its a great day.  I often think of Sound of Music when I think of you.  Especially when you helped with the children's birthday song for Nana.  Your love of music is a beautiful thing.  I'm excited to see how it grows it in your family and look forward to many wonderful musical numbers from the von Ferrero family!  May you have a great day and fantastic year!  Love, Ian
I remember when Julian and Caleb were newly home from the hospital and we would be trying to take special care of them and give them massages. We would play a cd that had the song "Come Thou Font of Every Blessing" at least I think that's what it was! Here it is:
That was a special time. Happy Birthday Linds! Love you!
- Melissa

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy Birthday David :)

From John:

Here's my song for Rico:

Rico, I picked New York New York because you would always play it on the piano.  I admire your ability to stick with something despite the obstacles and difficulties that you face.  Your ability to focus on an objective and see it through is something that has always impressed me about you.  Even when we had a very difficult hike and you had tremendous challenges like your hiking boots coming apart, all the dead fall and having to ford the might Elwha river in your first overnight hiking trip in a very long time you stuck with it.  I think you could do very well on the top of the heap in a city like New York.  Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Rico!  There are probably hundreds of songs I could choose that remind me of you, since you introduced me to a lot of music. So because of that, a lot of my music taste is from you. But I thought I would pick this clip because you also introduced me to my favorite show which Andrew and I have often been able to enjoy together, and I definitely remember often that it was thanks to you!  Thanks for your good taste in music, TV shows, movies, etc. You have had a big impact on me in that as well as other parts of life!  Thanks for being a great big brother. Have an awesome birthday!
Love, Rach

This song reminded me of you when you were busting out your moves at the wedding dance.
You can really move.  Happy 26th!!
Best wishes for your greatest year ever.

Luv, Dad


Happy birthday! Thanks again for all your help at the wedding! I hope all is going well with CPA exams. My song choice for you is "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

As I've gotten to know you, I've noticed how proud you are to be a Seattleite. During our roadtrip from Provo last year, you talked about how much you liked the greenery and the general vibe of your city. I can't think of an artist more proud of Seattle than Macklemore, and I think "Can't Hold Us" is a Seattle anthem, in a way. I would definitely picture you as a member of Macklemore's Seattleite possy dancing around in the background of this video – you've got mad dance moves, by the way :)

Hope this year is good one!


Happy Birthday Rico! I know the intro for this song and song itself is a bit cheesy but I like how when you are focused on something you will get it done and it reminds me of how you can keep a good focus. Hope you have a great day. Jordan

From Melissa:
When you were little it was so fun to see how much you loved movies! I remember memorizing sections of Lion King and Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast because it seemed like they were always playing. But the one I especially remember was Home Alone. Of course that was such a huge blockbuster you were not the only one who liked it! For some reason the "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" song sung so dreamily always makes me smile when I think of you re enacting Kevin scenes.

Happy Birthday! I love you!

Happy Birthday Rico -
I loved hearing you play this on the piano. And I actually think that the title suits one of the best parts of your personality - the guys who dresses up for Halloween/plays various percussion instruments/has a few groovy dance moves/throws out awesome one liners and assorted humor spots at a moments notice.
Love you,

I've noticed a fondness for the Star Wars universe in your life, so I decided to go with this medley version.  May the Force be with you on your birthday!

From Ian -

Happy Birthday David!  A quick reference to your facebook likes indicated both Spiderman and Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid as likes for you.  As a result I picked this little clip from Spider Man 2.  I've always unironically loved this song, its got a nice message of keeping positive even in adversity.  I thought it particularly appropriate since you've chosen Seattle as your hometown.  It was great to spend some time with you last week and the kids spoke highly of your contributions to cousin camp.  I hope you have a great day and an even better year!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Momma!!

I also must apologize for being 2 weeks late with this.  The song I chose is Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing by Sufjan Stevens.  Going to Seattle or getting together for Christmas and Thanksgiving means listening to lots of Sufjan and I have grown very fond of his music.  Come thou fount is also one of my all time favourite church songs so it really is a match made in heaven for you and for me.

One of the things I have admired most about you is your dedication to the gospel and how that example has influenced all of us kids to strengthen our own testimonies.  I know that the fact I have made many right decisions and found peace and strength from testimony and membership in the Church is a large result of you.  I hope the birthday was great and it was sure fun to be a part of the wedding.  Let the golden years begin!


Happy Birthday Coleen!

Happy birthday! I know this is coming two weeks late, but what a milestone it is to turn 60! I know you were stressed with all of the wedding arrangements (the wedding was incredible, by the way), but I hope you've had time since to relax and celebrate :)

When I think of you, I think of cafes in Paris, and I think of French accordion music.

I think this selection in particular catches not only the vibe of downtown Paris, but also the zest in your personality and your taste for adventure all over the world.

I hope your 60th was a memorable one!