Saturday, January 26, 2013

Embrace the Winter

View from Saskatchewan Drive

I'm not in love with everything winter has to offer in Edmonton - at least not yet -but I really do love the snow.
I was trying to explain that to a friend yesterday - how when all those millions of tiny snowflakes find their way down from the sky they transform ordinary surroundings to something magical and other-worldy and hushed and still.
I was almost compelled to write a snow poem...
And last Saturday when it was actually only 10 below, Dad and I, courtesy of the Schneiders, discovered Strathcona Wilderness Center - a new place to cross country ski.

More reason to love the snow!


woozie said...

Snow is pretty cool, I will agree with that! We just another load of it tonight in Provo :)

LiNds said...

This pic is beautiful. I was obsessed with the snow too over the holidays and even took a pic of an individual snowflake that landed on my black mitten.

2x2momma said...

This was the biggest reason I dragged our crew up to Edmonton this winter- I had missed being in the snow! The hushed beauty did not disappoint!