Monday, July 4, 2011

Story Time Chapter 8

I was waiting to read Melissa's skillfully crafted chapter but have heard that she is lost in moving boxes, so you, gentle readers, will now read this pale substitute...

Mikey could feel the dizziness and blurring of vision that he knew signaled the end of another memorable time travel session. The potion was wearing off and he knew that soon he would be back at the nursing home. He hoped that the two goons were gone. As he slowly faded out he noticed Michael's ponytail morphing into jerry curls. He felt a few seconds of intense cold and blackness as he spun through time, and then he crashed into the sitting room of the nursing home, almost impaling himself on the knitting needles of a startled grannie. He looked around for the two goons, but he was too slow as they grabbed him from behind and pinned his arms before he could reach the green bottle.
"No more time travel for you, Sonny" they hissed. "Why did that old coot Davis give the bottle to a child? He could fracture the space-time continuum and kill us all! We're taking you and the bottle back to Control."
Just then a huge gorilla like creature crashed through the door and moved menacingly toward them.

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