Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Story time chapter 9

"Rawrrr!" roared the gorilla creature as he pounced on the two goons, bowling them over. Their sausage-like fingers released Mikey and he was able to break away and clutch the bottle of potion closer to himself, protecting it from further harm. He was in luck though, as both of the hefty men seemed to be knocked out cold. But the gorilla wasn't done. He rounded on Mikey next, his snarling grin creeping closer and closer to Mikey's small frame.
"Koko, zat is eenough!" cried a voice in heavily accented English. The source soon followed as Martella burst into the room, her tennis racket held aggressively in front of her. The gorilla immediately stopped in his tracks, cowering submissively in front of the tiny old woman.
"Grandma?!" exclaimed Mikey incredulously. "Is that really you? I thought you were dead!"

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