Sunday, February 3, 2013

Jord's Birthday!.....Hooray!

Jordan we love you!  Happy birthday!!!!
Jord! You've always been a musician - from your pre-school music class when you inspired the teacher to use you as a model for her music book illustrations - to elementary school when you amazed us with your piano prowess, to junior high when your double bass teacher told me what a great musician you were, to high school and your garage band days...and then on to busking with your sibs in Seattle when you could tell right away which one of them was just a half tone off! But when I heard you play THIS song in your pre-mish days and living in Zion, I was truly amazed!! and said to myself, "This guy (meaning YOU!) can really rock and roll!
Happy Birthday Jord!! It would be impossible for me to be more proud of you.  I love you, Mom

This song illustrates what Jordan does so well. And this version is a great reminder of Jord's garage band days.
Happy Birthday Jordan!
Luv, Dad

Hey! Happy Birthday Snej! You're the best! It's so fun having you as an older brother. I hope you have a fabulous birthday with your cute wife and delightful children.

This song reminds me of your adolescence - rocking in our garage with your band! I also think of how I was the designated keeper of your 'acdc and metallica' cds while you were on your mission ;) PLUS, there are pipers, to boot!

From one fellow accountant to another. Remember to dream the dream and enjoy your birthday outside of tax season. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Jordan! Hope you have an awesome day! I chose this song because I remember you
singing along to it when we had that Johnny Cash CD on some road trip we went on. You had a great
impersonation of him going on. I've always admired your abundant musical talents!

Wise Up by Aimee Mann - The you tube video of this song tells the story of a friend who proudly stands beside crazy for the sake of solidarity and friendship. Thanks Jord. (You're Jeff, I'm Pierce - I think it's a perfect rendition of our lives this past year)

I chose Man On The Street by Don Drummond. Its a catchy little ska tune and ska is where I first started to notice bass lines in music. Jordan, your choice of the double bass says so much positive about you. The double bass isn't flashy, but without it everything else falls apart. I liked this quote on wikipedia: "[The bass part is] the foundation of harmony." I think that perfectly summarizes you Jordan. You are a great brother, son, father and husband because you are really supportive and generous. You don't seek a lot of acclaim or the spotlight and take a lot of pleasure in helping and supporting those around you. I feel fortunate to call you a brother in law. Have a fantastic birthday and here's to the best year yet for you and yours!

I was thinking of Ring of Fire also but I noticed that Rachel grabbed that one. Another musical memory I have is playing "Silent Night" with you over Christmas and trying to sing it in the German. I love how quietly and consistently you continue to engage with music and playing music in your home. The boys had so much fun during their sleepover at your house this summer when you got out your guitar and serenaded them to sleep. You are such a thoroughly wonderful and loving person and I love you very much. Thanks for being you and hope you have a wonderful birthday.
Lots of Love,


Rico said...

Happy Birthday Jordan! Hope you have a great day! I guess I would pick a Johnny Cash song.

Coleen said...

I just had to say that is the sweetest Dad and daughter photo ever....Have a wonderful birthday celebration Jord!

LiNds said...

Happy Happy birthday! Love you!