Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Warm News from Chile

President Duncan told us about an interesting experience he had this past week. He received a phone call from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. The Chile Area Presidency gave the annual report to the Quorum of the 12, Presidency of the seventy, and the Presiding Bishopric. The Area Presidency of Chile gave great praise to the Chile Santiago North Mission. Our mission has become a model to all the other missions in Chile. Elder Holland said that when he saw the results of our missionary efforts from this mission, he wanted to get up on the table and dance... So we are setting the example to all the other missions, which is exciting to think about. This past week we were blessed to have many investigators attend the church. Luis said that he was going to arrive to his work late so that he could go to sacrament meeting. It really was incredible, and I hope that his testimony can keep growing along with that of his wife Hortencia.

Anyhow, the Chilean tidbit for the week. Well, this week I cant really think of anything. So ill just share something I like about Chile. I really like Chile in the fact that the people here dont have an abundance of stuff. The houses here are not big, well at least in the area that I am working. I just like the standard that the people have here. They are well off, but they dont have an abundance of stuff like food, clothes, accessories. It really is a great balance. I think Chile is a great example of "temperance in all things." But still living with a comfortable standard.Love you all, and am grateful for your support. Love, Elder Schneider

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