Sunday, February 3, 2008

President Hinckley

Greetings fellow bloggers,

Many people in our testimony meeting today mentioned Pres. Hinckley and gave tribute to what a wonderful prophet and leader he was. Bishop Vassau mentioned how he was the first prophet who felt like a grandfather who would be missed by their family.

We watched the funeral and documentary, and several things stood out for me. He wore out his long life in the service of the Master. He began working for the church soon after his mission to the UK in 1930. He started out by writing hundreds of pamphlets and teaching aids for the church. He ended his work by overseeing the building of around 75 temples. I liked the summary of his life from the documentary: he took his work seriously, but he did not take himself seriously. He accomplished an astonishing amount in his life, always keeping his remarkable sense of humor. He will be greatly missed by millions of people. He was a great example to us all.

Love Gramps

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