Monday, February 4, 2008


So this weekend was Meliss' screening of Sisterz in Zion over at Ann Rowlands- a lady in her ward. It was awesome to be greeted by so many friendly faces and enjoy a lovely evening with people I don't normally get to spend time with. We had a little trouble getting the DVD going but after the resolution of these minor technical difficulties, we were able to watch the remarkable stories of the young women Meliss used to teach. This was such a great experience for me to sit by Meliss and watch this. Although I've seen it several times before each time I get something new out of it, and this viewing was no different. I felt my heart reach out for the EFY roomate who wanted to make a new friend, and I realized more about the differences they had even just coming from different sized cities. Not to mention being raised or not raised in the church. It's a remarkable documentary!!

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Nana said...

Interesting comment that the barriers that needed to be overcome were not only related to gospel experience but to geography as well. Makes you consider how many others there were. That makes the ending/message of the documentary even more powerful. It's still my all time fave.