Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Char!!!!!

Happy happy happy birthday! Char, we are so glad to have you in the family. Here are some nice things we would like to say to you :)

Grampa: Charla, Time to celebrate another birthday. I love that you like to look at the big picture and then look for deeper meanings in the big picture.
I admire your creative energy and wish you the happiest birthday ever.

Nana: I love how you can make a party from any event and from any thing you have on hand. I love your enthusiasm and your infectious energy -Even when you're running on empty it's there! And I so love your infinite supplies of quotes and sayings and philosophies for any occasion.
Happy Happy Birthday!

Ian: I love Charla's ability to be both incredibly fun and totally earnest at the same time. A very difficult balance to strike, but she manages it admirably!

Melissa: Charla, I love your sense of adventure, your deep and sincere desire to do whatever you can to love and help others and your beautiful sense of humour. I also love your blog!

Jord: You are an amazing wife and mother! Thank you so much for all the hard work that you've done since this last pregnancy and here's hoping that the next few months until the end of the pregnancy will run as smooth as ever.

Linds: What I love about Char is that she has so much joy for life. She pulls so much out of every moment and appreciates the beauty of what's around her, like music and scents for example. She shows her exuberance and love of being in the moment.

Spencer: I love Charla's enthusiasm for her family and children and how she shows this love on her blog!

-I love how Charla is always willing to look at things in innovative ways and challenge conventional thinking.
-I love how Charla is always willing to try new things and has a very adventurous spirit, like boot camp, or living in Taiwan.
-I looove Charla's sense of humour, it's top notch (and I'm not just saying that because you laugh at my jokes or because we have similar senses of humour) well maybe I am who knows but either way great sense of humour.

Rico: What I like about Charla is that she is a great listener who genuinely cares about what you are saying. And she will also provide a cool insight of her own. Plus she is fun to be around.

Wooz: Charla, you are always really fun to talk to (I wish we could more often) and I think it's awesome how many cool things you've managed to do with your life so far. And I definitely love all your life insights! You're amazing!

I hope you manage to take some time for yourself on your special day, because you are awesome and you deserve it! Here's to a fabulous day!


Coleen said...

Yay! Happy Day today!
May all your wishes come true

LiNds said...

Love you! Happy birthday!!!

Char said...

You guys this really made my day. Thanks!!!!