Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Drink, drink, drink!

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to get in touch with my German roots by attending Oktoberfest!  It took place up at Snowbird ski resort near SLC.  It was a beautiful setting with lots of fun things to do.  Of course, the main attraction for most people was all the biergartens, but there were a lot of other fun booths.

 Mine and Andrew's favorite thing was the main stage in the big food tent.  After we got an obligatory bratwurst (despite being $6, we decided we had to get one to share - they were so good!), we turned our attention to the stage where they were playing accordion music.  Soon, they announced an activity. Six women were called up, so with Andrew's urging I quickly made my way to the front.  The contest? Seeing who could hold a large stein, a 33 oz beer mug that weighs 2 lbs when empty, with a 2 lb weight in it straight out in front of themselves for the longest.  Somehow, through pure determination, I landed second place!  I didn't get a prize, but I was proud of myself for lasting that long.  Overall, it was a fun experience!  Andrew did the same version for the guys, the only difference being that they had 4 lbs in their stein instead of 2, and he got third!  Since neither of us have huge biceps, we thought we did pretty well.

We each bought a stein and made root beer floats in them later (as shown).  So don't worry, we didn't do any drinking there ;)

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