Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Breaking Dawn

I have been a Twilight fan from the getgo. I first heard about these books as i was walking out of a party a few years ago. A friend mentioned how a vampire's in love with a human and he wants to suck her blood... curious. But then my coworker was reading them, and couldnt put them down! Finally I thought,'ive got to check these out!' I went to the store and got a copy of the first book. Then I became the person who couldnt put them down!

So I was excited to watch the next installment with a classmate this weekend. It's getting more interesting as the stakes are raised and Bella enters deeper into the vampire world. I think the story is so fascinating! Yea, it's a simple read and there's not TOO much in terms of writing form and style, but I think there are interesting themes and emotions in these books and movies. For example, Bella and her transition to a new place and group of people, Jacob and his unrequited love for her, Edward and how he's made the most of beign a vampire and tries to be good... The situations are impossible, but the feelings taht stand with such life transitions and choices remain. I think the Jacob character is especialy interesting in this respect. He has to honor Bella's choice of husband even though it breaks his heart. Although we dont choose whether to marry a vampire, we do face loss, struggle, balance between what we want and what others want, connecting with family... and using our talents - the vampires have interesting gifts. Anyway, I thought the Twilight books were an enjoyable read and I equally enjoyed the movie.

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Char said...

I just did a post about breaking dawn on my blog. I haven't read any of the books, but the whole twilight phenomenon definitely intrigues me.