Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas is here again (almost.)

Christmas is my favorite time of year. A season where I truly do feel a stonger desire to give, a time when we remember Christ our Saviour's birth. It's such a magical time and special time and family time and fun time. People seem more friendly, the season is fresh and (a little rainy here I guess.)

Yesterday I pulled out all our decorations and Spence and I watched the good ol' classic, 'A Christmas Story.' I especially love the way this movie feels so Christmasy with the snow and the fun family dynamics and the traditions. The school scenes with Ralphie writing his 'Theme' about what he wants for Christmas especially cracked me up this year since I am working with similar aged kids.

Anyway, it's so delightful that Christmas is just a few weeks away. So I wanted to share a few Christmas-y corners (and stock pic of lights on a tree) here- these hopefully bring a smile to your face like they do to mine.

This nativity scene helps me remember the true meaning of Christmas.


Eileen Young said...

Lovely! I too have my tree, nativity set & various wall hangings set up. I love Christmas.

woozie said...

Nice! A Christmas Story is a classic for sure! One of my roommates hasn't seen it so we might be watching that pretty soon here too :)