Saturday, November 26, 2011

Movember Cont.

Ok I'm jacking the family blog and spamming it with more Movember pictures. This will be the last time. Honestly I can't wait to shave this lip worm off and be done with it. I have a special character from Napoleon Dynamite per request and a Tom Selleck look alike that I think is pure gold.

I'm hoping to raise $500 right now I am at $260 so I need some help. The deadline is Nov. 30. In case I didn't already tell you I am doing it because a friend of mine who lost his grandpa to prostate cancer asked me to join his fund raising team and I agreed. The money donated goes to cancer research for men particularly prostate cancer. Movember leads to some nasty facial hair but it is for a good cause. Here is the link I hope you enjoy the photos and like I said this is the last time unless someone really wants to see another look alike picture ...... Once again thank you to all who have already donated. Follow this link and it will allow you to make a donation by credit card. Thanks guys!


LiNds said...

Beautiful. You inspired me and Spence and I donated.

Char said...

My laugh was audible. Thanks so much for that! The Tom Selleck one is pretty brilliant too.