Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Spencer!

I admire you for so many reasons, Spence! You are incredibly thoughtful, generous, and loving. I admire that you are level headed and yet have a really fun side of you that comes out all the time. It comes out in both unexpected small ways, when you surprise me and make me laugh, and in large ways when you come home with a fun movie or share fun great outing ideas. I am so glad that I married you and you have made me the happiest I have ever been! I love love love you! Happy Birthday!

Happy 3-0 Spencer!Welcome to the grownup club :)I love how you're always willing to pitch in to get a job done - whether it's painting signs for your own wedding, helping me get the grandsons to bed, or cleaning up from dinner, whatever - you're THERE!And you're always thinking of a better way to do something. In fact, you're always thinking. So inspirational :)xo Coleen

Happy Birthday, Spencer! Welcome to the start of a new decade - it's a real milestone. I admire how organized and analytical you are. You have backup plans for your contingency plans. You have a roadmap for where you want to go. Speaking of roads, I admire how you can cover a lot of ground in a short time in an automobile, as we found out when we met in San Fran. Happy Trails.xo Gramps

I admire what a good guy Spencer is. He just seems like he always tries his best to do what's right. I also appreciate how devoted to Linds he seems.

Happy Birthday Spencer and hope you have many great years in your 30s ahead of you. You seems to have many passions especially sporting ones in life and I appreciate how you seem to be able to keep up with many of them and I think it's great that we also have a true soccer enthusiast addition to the family.

I remember when I was in LA over the summer, Spencer was welcoming and always very accommodating whenever he and Linds and Beej and I wanted to hang out together. He is very easygoing and fun to do stuff with. Happy birthday Spencer, I hope it's a great one!

Some of the things that I like about Spencer is how he is very technical but not to the point of being over bearing if you say something that is technically not correct. I also like the way he takes recreational sports such as soccer and softball etc. seriously because so do I. I am glad that he is a member of our family.

Ian and Melissa:
I love how Spencer has a sense of adventure, and I love his stories. He has an amazing memory and is so quick to lend a hand and see what needs he can help with, especially with our family, and we really appreciate that quality that he has. (Just like his mom!) We love you Spencer!

What I like about Spencer is that he is always calm and relaxed. He never really seems to get rattled by stressful situations. He has a way of keeping a cool head. He also is willing to do difficult tasks which is great.


mrpuente said...

I never got a reminder (not that I should have needed one). Spencer has been a great addition to the family. He's always very generous with our boys (who love him) and he's always got an interesting take on life. To boot, I've never seen Lindsay happier! Happy Birthday Spencer! I hope its a great day.

Spence said...

Thanks everyone! I'm glad to be a part of the family!

LiNds said...

We are glad too!