Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Lindsay!

This year Lindsay hits a big milestone in age as she will be turning 30. Lindsay is a great big sister. She is always cheerful and supportive. She is also willing to help out with tasks whether they be big or small. She is also willing to help until the task is done which is another great thing. I’ve always been amazed by Lindsay’s creativity and her ability to make cool things. I am lucky to have a supportive and kind sister. It’s great having Lindsay as a birthday buddy and I hope she has a great birthday and a great upcoming year!

1. How old are you turning this year? 30!

2. What is your favorite food? Chocolate. It should be it's own food group.

3. What is your most frequently purchased grocery item? Lettuce. Roommates of the past used to joke that I was like a rabbit. The trend continues. Spencer like salad too.

4. What is your bedtime routine like? I brush my teeth, wash my face, say prayers with Spence and give him a kiss. Alternately, I wash my face then brush my teeth then give Spence a kiss then say prayers.

5. What are three things you absolutely have to do every day? Get out of bed, move around, read scriptures.

6. What do you listen to most (artist, radio station/program, podcast)? 80's music channel on our sweet TV.

7. What’s one skill you wish you had? I would love to be better at sewing clothes

8. What skill are you most proud of? I can make something from 'nothing.' Using materials we already have, I can make cards, decorate, bake, and create art.

9. If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go? Italy

10. What is your favorite place you’ve been? Slovenia

11. What are three of your favorite books? The Help, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, Anne of Green Gables

12. If you had to buy any magazine what would it be? Vogue to get hair style ideas

13. What is one thing that gets on your nerves? When people burp and dont say excuse me. I work with kids.

14. What is your favorite sport to watch or play? Hockey- to watch or play. Soccer to watch (I can cuddle with Spence while he watches,) and it's also fun to play!

15. What do you love to do when you have nothing to do? Do a little home decorating project/ tweaking, read from my Slovenian Book of Mormon, write a letter

16. What are three things you wish you had? A classroom of my own (during the school year not just summer school) an infinite supply of chocolate, more time to DisSPENCE with Spence

17. What is your favorite treat? brownie a la mode

18. What are a few things you hope to accomplish or learn this year? Continue developing my relationship with Spencer

19. What are your favorite things to watch (tv show/movie)? Office, Simpsons, Parks and Rec

20. What are your three most visited websites (besides facebook/email)? Blogs, Youtube, news sites (yahoo, msn, new york times)


2x2momma said...

Happy Birthday Linds! You are such a Sweet sister and auntie. It was really nice of you take Caleb and Julian to their swimming classes this year and we really appreciate everything you do. Hope you have a lovely day just like you!

Char said...

Linds, I loved The Help as well! You are such a gem and seeing how much happiness has come into your life from marrying Spencer has made me happy as well. When you look back at your past 30 years I hope you look back with pride and contentment - I think you've lived them well.

Happy Birthday!!!

Bonnie White said...

Happy Birthday Lindsay. You make ordinary days quite festive. I remember Rachel telling me how one day after a particular long freshman day at school, you made her some cocoa and before long her equilibrium had been restored. You have a gift to soothe and uplift. And you're pretty good at Easter Bonnie egg hunts too. I love you Lindsay. And I saw The Help tonight. Not quite like the book. But still very good and very worthwhile. Bonne Fete.

Spence said...

Love you so much babe, happy birthday!!!

Coleen said...

Lindsay!! Happy Happy Birthday!!
It was great to see what you wrote for the skill you're most proud of -I've watched you make something out of nothing from the time you were tiny -like beautiful birthday cards from scraps of paper or just a really fun day out of a bunch of mundane happenings.
You just know how to make life better for everyone
around you.
Love you so very much - have the best day ever and may your wish for a classroom of your very own come true this year :)
xo Mom

mrpuente said...

Happy Birthday Lindsay!! I hope its a great one! Brownie ala mode is a great dessert!

woozie said...

Happy Birthday Linds!!! I've always appreciated your skill of making something from nothing too, a lot of great childhood memories seem to revolve around that. And we definitely share a love for chocolate! I always enjoy our phone conversations and any chance we get to hang out! Love you so much, have a great day!

Grampa said...

Happy Birthday Linds!!

You have created some of the greatest and happiest memories in our family. I think I bequeathed some of my sweet tooth genes to you, but fortunately you are much better equipped to handle them. Have a wonderful day and year 30

Love, Dad

Snej said...

Hope you have a great birthday Linds! I was always amazed by your ability to 'create something from nothing' ... now your real test over the next few years is to figure out (when watching soccer with Spencer) which goals scored are the goals that are 'created from nothing' - a common phrase used by British soccer commentators that I'm guessing is used in N America too?

LiNds said...

Thanks for your sweet comments !! - luv you guys! Spence says he has heard that term, Snej, and just explained it - I am excited to have an eye witness account of one of those.

beej11 said...


Happy belated Birthday!! I am amazed at your ability to always stay positive even in the face of adversity. I think it goes to your ability to create something from nothing. Usually people need some sort of stimulus to make them happy ie) a chocolate bar, scoring a goal, doing well on a test etc. but you arre able to be happy from nothing which is a great skill. Hope you had a great birthday love ya lots.