Saturday, August 27, 2011

Maestro of the Movies


Indiana Jones.

Harry Potter.

Star Wars.

What do all these movies have in common? They all have scores written by John Williams.

A few months ago, Lindsay and I were looking at the Hollywood Bowl schedule to see if there was a concert available that we would want to go to. I saw that John Williams would be playing and said, "We are going!" She was all for it, and we bought tickets right then and there.

However, we realized a few hours later that the drama performance at Manchester Academy that Lindsay was in charge of was that night as well! Fortunately, they ended up rescheduling that, so off to the Hollywood Bowl we went!

The first act was kind of a compilation of movie clips set to original music, not anything specific to a movie. James Taylor was there as a narrator for a Faulkner story set to music, then played one of his own songs on guitar, which was pretty cool too.

The second act was even better. Favorites such as the Harry Potter theme, the Titanic theme and of course, Star Wars. I made a video, but it was too big to upload to the blog so here it is:

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LiNds said...

It was AMAZING!!! We LOVED the concert! As you see in this clip, there are a lot of light sabers! :)