Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So one of my new hobbies that I've started over the past few years is playing tennis. I love tennis because it's good exercise and it's a lot of fun. I also love how it is an elitist sport which is also free (at least in the summer anyways). Along with golf it is probably the only other sport that uppity-ups appreciate and play on a consistent basis. I prefer tennis not only because it's free but also because it's better exercise and you don't have to wear silly pants or shirts to play. It's the elitist sport for the common man. There is now a little network of about 4 or 5 friends that I'll play tennis with to the point that I'm usually playing at least once a week. It definitely makes the summer fun.

I've also become somewhat of a fan. It's definitely hard to sit through a 4 hour match sometimes but I've definitely got caught up in the Rafa-Roger rivalry. A couple of times I've gotten up very early to see them play for the finals at the Australian Open and I have to admit that tennis is one of my favorite sports to watch when Roger is playing. One of my dreams is to see Roger Federer play live at the US Open in New York which probably means I will have to go there next year around this time because he will likely retire in fact this US Open may be his last.

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Coleen said...

I've started to love tennis too - too bad I waited til my golden years to appreciate it. Then maybe I'd be able to challenge you to a match. Maybe I still will?