Saturday, April 23, 2011

Birthday Questions for the Juice

1. How old are you turning this year?
53, no wait that was the year I was born.
2. What is your favorite food?
It's a tie: BBQ ribs and Mom's chicken wings.
3. What is your most frequently purchased grocery item?Bananas- for my morning smoothies.
4. What is your bedtime routine like?
Turn off heat, lock doors, brush teeth, close eyes
Alternate routine - fall asleep in front of tv

5. What are three things you absolutely have to do every day?
Get to work right on time, read scriptures, check sport scores
6. What do you listen to most (artist, radio station/program, podcast)?
I like NPR for "unbiased news"
7. What's one skill you wish you had?
Public speaking - for me it's a lifelong struggle
8. What skill are you most proud of?
I like being able to give people a pleasant sleep
9. If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go?
Australia/New Zealand - it's a long way to travel, but eveyone says it's worth the trip
10. What is your favorite place you've been?
Scotland- for the amazing golf and relatives
11. What are three of your favorite books?
Lord of the Rings, 1984, and Shakespeare comedies
12. If you had to buy any magazine what would it be?
Golf Digest- always looking for that magic tip
13. What is one thing that gets on your nerves?
Slow drivers give me road rage, but so fair I haven't done the Jack Nicholson and put a 5 iron thru someone's windshield
14. What is your favorite sport to watch or play?
Watch hockey and play golf
15. What do you love to do when you have nothing to do?
On those rare occasions I like to take a power nap
16. What are three things you wish you had?
More hair, a smaller spare tire, and lower golf scores
17. What is your favorite treat?
Haagen Dazs ice cream bars since B&J doesn't make them. Too bad they're not sugar free.
18. What are a few things you hope to accomplish or learn this year?
Strengthen the family, travel to China and learn more about it, and endure to the end.
19. What are your favorite things to watch (tv show/movie)?
Live sports, action/adventure movies, and romantic comedies for date night
20. What are your three most visited websites (besides facebook/email).
Alberta Health care,,


Coleen said...

OJ - You truly are the best! So many reasons for me knowing that and one of them is that I keep finding out new things about you. I didn't know that Shakespeare comedies were one of your top three lit picks but now that you say so I can totally see that. Am looking forward to China and more adventures with you this coming year. Love you and Happy Birthday!!

Eileen Young said...

Happy Birthday, OJ. What an interesting son-in-law we have!

Rico said...

Happy Birthday Dad! I am not surprised about the golf passion and the NPR radio since it is always on whenever I get into the car.

woozie said...

Happy birthday Daddy!!! I think it's awesome that you want to go to Australia/New Zealand. I want to go there too! And the skill you're most proud of is quite inspiring :) love you lots and glad I can be here to celebrate with you.

Spence said...

Happy birthday! With all the golf mentions on this one, I'm curious: have you ever gotten a hole-in-one? If so, what was it like? If not, what's the closest you've come?

LiNds said...

Nice Pic and Post! Happy Birthday, Dad! I'll have to read 1984 now... it's been on my list for a while and I enjoyed Animal Farm. Thanks for the reminder! Love ya!

Char said...

We should watch a Shakespeare comedy sometime soon - you, me, jord, john, coleen, popcorn, scripts by our sides. Sounds like a good time to me. Happy Birthday!

Grampa said...

Thanks to all for your kind comments and wishes. It has been a fabulous birthday.

Love to all,

Snej said...

Happy Birthday Grampa! it has been great living close to you again this year and thanks for all the fun times with little Oliver over the past year. I would have thought that your alternate bed routing was in fact your regular bed routine, at least from earlier years, but I guess things must have changed over the years

2x2momma said...

Happy birthday dad! China eh? Interesting choice. Hope your day was as wonderful as you xo Ian and Melissa

mrpuente said...

Sorry, we were on the road yesterday, but it was fun to sing to you in the car! New Zealand is tops on my list of places to visit as well. Hope you had a great day!

beej11 said...

Hey Juice!
I love how you put down such a wide swath of different genres for things you enjoy watching including even romantic comedies. Just goes to show how you are a man who has many pursuits and interests and will try new things. Thanks for being such a great dad.