Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oliver's first hockey game

I meant to post these photos a few weeks ago when we went to this game but I thought it was a milestone for Oliver given that this was his first ever hockey game (actually he did see about a period and a half of Beej's and my intramural game earlier in the season, maybe that counts too). He loved going and talked about the game afterwards for a few days and an added bonus for him was that Beej and Grampa were also there. But if there was one thing though that he kept talking about, it was Guba the Bear Guba the Bear, the U of A mascot that fascinated him. At the end of the day he probably was interested more in the bear and the popcorn than the hockey but we will have to take him again next year if only for him to see Guba the Bear again.


Coleen said...

Both Cuba and Oliver are pretty cute but Oliver still wins the prize for cuteness!

Grampa said...

I can see where popcorn and a big furry animal might be more interesting to a 4 year old than skaters on the ice. It was sure fun to be there with him.