Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Parable of the Cruise Ship

So for those who went to the priesthood session, we heard Elder Uchtdorf's parable of the cruise ship. Since we were recently on a cruise ship, I found it very relevant and thought those of you who did not attend the priesthood session would appreciate it. What is below is a paraphrase; the full text will be in the Ensign next month as usual.

A man wished to go on a cruise of the Mediterranean, to see Athens, Rome and Istanbul. So he saved up his money for a long time and was finally able to afford the ticket. However, he had very little money after paying the ticket, so he brought along very simple and cheap foods to eat in his cabin. He also didn't leave the cabin to participate in the swimming pool, mini golf, and sumptuous feasts that were provided every night, because he thought he couldn't afford it. He was able to tour the cities that he wanted to and this dream was fulfilled, but other than that he rarely left his cabin.

On the last evening, a crew member asked him which farewell party he would be attending. The man then learned, to his sorrow, that the ticket he purchased was not only for the travel, but included the mini golf, the swimming pool, and all the feasts that he had missed.

Elder Uchtdorf then likened this to the priesthood holders who only participate in the minimum, the do not "live up to the privilege" that the priesthood can provide and thus do not receive all the blessings that are available. I would extend this to the entire church; are we receiving all the blessings we can, or are we just sitting in our cabins, missing out on what we could have?

Cold beans in the cabin, or lobster after lobster being delivered to your table until Beej has to cry for mercy? The choice is ours. I hope we choose the lobster. That lobster was tasty.


Eileen Young said...

Just letting you know I chose the lobster - and it tasted g-r-e-a-t! Thanks for sharing the message.

Eileen Young said...

Oops! I meant I had lobster the first two sessions, not the third. Again, thanks for sharing,

LiNds said...

Very vivid analogy. I mean, the port days were fun, but winning those medals for foosball or soccer, gluttony at the windjammer ... the lobsters... those new years hats... those chocolate desserts... you're right, there was a lot more to the cruise than traveling from city to city!

2x2momma said...

Good story. Thanks for sharing!