Sunday, April 17, 2011

We're Talking Softball....

So one of the things formed at work is the work softball team. I found out about this almost immediately when I started work here in L.A. None of us have any aspirations at all of making it big in the major leagues (though one person on our team did play college baseball) but we're there mainly to have fun.

We call ourselves the Misfits. I play catcher and we have a lot of fun, even if we're not very good. Most of the people on the team have nicknames. I got "Bambino" because one of the first times I was up at the plate, I hit a home run. They've been few and far between, but I still hit a dinger every now and then.

Lindsay is our #1 fan. That's mainly by default, as she's the only spectator that shows up. But she still shows up and cheers for us, even when we're screwing up and giving up another 10 run inning. Once again, it's all for fun.

Ward softball just started up yesterday too. So now I'm playing in two leagues for fun. Double the pleasure, double the fun.


LiNds said...

I remember we had a softball team with the Law office where I worked, and I played a game, but you guys have something really cool going here because you have been in it together for a long time! And I am your #1 fan, in more ways than one!

Coleen said...

I love how often you used the word fun! It's been way too long since we had a Schneider baseball game - remember the ones at the Big Fork diamond? I always got to play outfield. We almost have enough for two teams now, including six short stops. Sounds like you'd be the right guy to get us going on that Spencer!

Eileen Young said...

I like softball. In my teen+ years I played 1st base.
One of our activities for the Kowalchuk Family Reunion, was softball. Great way to connect with one another. Being a catcher is really cool. Keep it up.