Sunday, November 18, 2012

Real Places

A trip to Israel puts the Bible and even the Book of Mormon - which starts in Jerusalem - in a whole new light.  Dad and I loved our time there. It was a phenomenal experience for us to be in the places we'd read about since we were children.  Legendary names became real - the Sea of Galilee, Bethlehem, Capernaum, the Jordan River.

                                     The Sea of Galilee

The Garden Tomb -  many believe this is the actual site where Jesus was buried.

For us it was a life changing experience.  We hope each of you gets the opportunity to travel there someday.  (These are 'phone photos'. I'll post more as soon as I can download the ones on my camera!)


mrpuente said...

What a phenomenal experience that must have been. Looking forward to hearing about it at Christmas.

woozie said...

Awesome! Yeah I agree, it'll be so fun to hear/see more.

Char said...

Ya, I'd love to see more pictures and stories as well.