Monday, November 19, 2012

Ward Prayer

So, as some of you may know, there is a somewhat strange Sunday night tradition among the BYU singles wards. It is known as Ward Prayer.  The basic agenda is that people gather together to sing a hymn, have a spiritual thought, commemorate birthdays, make announcements, say a prayer, and of course, socialize.  That is the main event, probably.  I have noticed a distinctly different style of Ward Prayer in my current ward as opposed to my previous ward.  My previous ward made it quite an event, often taking an hour to accomplish these few tasks (they would include extra things like apartment spotlights which could take a long time).  This ward downplays the socializing a little bit and up-plays the spiritual factor, which in my opinion is a very good thing.
The reason I bring any of this up is because our house, by virtue of our large living room, is now hosting ward prayer for the winter.  Maybe by writing about it I will become more enthusiastic about several singles taking over our house every Sunday night for the next little while :) Yay!
We did get a picture from last night, for fun.

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LiNds said...

I love this, and your feigned enthusiasm:)