Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So as you may or may not know, I am a bit of a college football fan. Last weekend, my team (the University of Utah) was playing down here in LA against the USC Trojans. My boss was nice enough to get Lindsay and I tickets to the game, and I was excited to take her to her first Ute game!

Cameron (my friend that I've known since kindergarten) came down from Salt Lake to join in the festivities. Scott (another of "The Brethren") lives down here in LA and went to USC, so he joined us as well:

We had decent seats and were treated to a very exciting game!

Even though the final score wasn't what we'd hoped (Utah lost, though it took several hours and a officials conference to determine the final score; I can fill you in on the specifics if you want) we still had a lot of fun at the game.

And since it's Rivalry Week, let me leave you with the advice of President Monson:



LiNds said...

Not only was this my first Ute game, it was also my first U.S. College football game PERIOD. It was VERY exciting. Live sports are cool in any form, but when you add in REALLY pumped fans, the fact this was the first PAC 12 game, and cool other elements like full on school bands, a HORSE (the Trojans trot a horse across the field,) and fly by JETS, it's very very fun and entertaining. Spence was thoughtful and got me a Ute shirt to wear to the game, which I love, and it was really neat having Cameron in town and Scott there too. As icing on the cake, my mission trainer Jillesha was there with her husband and son and we got to see them at half time!!! I am glad to have married a Ute. (and become one myself.)

LiNds said...

ammendment: i cheered for UCLA once back in 07. Obviously didnt make much of an impression on me. Being strongly affiliated with a certain team is way better!

Grampa said...

Sounds exciting. It just doesn't seem right with Utah in the PAC 12. At least they got into a conference. BYU may wish they had done the same.