Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Last First Day of School?

I think I just had my last first day of school. I think that no matter where you are or what level of education you are enrolled in it is always a little bit of a magic moment. I notice that girls usually look their best on the 1st day of school (it only goes downhill as the pressures of assignments and finals slowly seem to sap their beauty or maybe they just get lazy and start putting on less make up ..... uhmm probably the later rather than the former) and there is an energy and buzz in the air. There's lots of free stuff on campus and people are more willing to engage in conversation.

It was very sad that I couldn't enjoy the moment because I had a 9am class and I was running late. But well I was trying to cover the 35min walk in about 20min I was thinking about one of my favorite family memories when there were a few years when all the kids were together for their blessings before school and Melissa would go first then Jordan and so forth all the way down to Woozie. I didn't really realize the significance of that moment now that we are all spread out and rarely able to get all together but I remember thinking how I had so many people that were looking out for me and knowing there really wasn't any need to be worried about anything. I also remember the suckiness of thinking about school again, as the not so enthusiastic first day photos that Mom always insisted taking will attest too, but now that my last first day, for Grade 19, has come and gone it was a very nostalgic moment. I hope the boys have enjoyed their 1st first day of school.


LiNds said...

Ah yes. The Schneider back to school pics. My last public school one with you and rico and rach was taken i think a couple days after the first day... close enough though, right? I love taht we had that tradition. One perk of teaching tho is the magical first day of school jitters and excitement continues! It was way fun this year as I teach as an assistant in 2nd grade. The special occasion was even made complete with a back to school blessing. (tx Spence) It's fun to have new beginnings. Hopefully the girls you rub shoulders with keep up their good morning makeup routines a little longer this year... haha :) Boyd G used to say that durig exam time girls should just put a paper bag over their heads!!

Coleen said...

Beej! This is such a nostalgic, sweet post. Pretty cool that you recognized the moment. I have really happy memories of getting ready for the first days of school with all you guys.
Glad to hear you also have happy memories, especially of the blessings. It was nice the three youngest Schneidz were all together this year for Dad to do that.