Sunday, September 25, 2011


Little known fact: I love astronomy. I am fascinated the universe! Last week I finally got the chance to go to a planetarium show at the Eyring building on campus. The first thing we saw was a video about some facts of the universe. Here's a cool fact I remember: a pinpoint size amount of matter in a neutron star (which is incredibly dense) weighs as much as the Empire State building! So crazy. After that video we just got to watch cool light show videos that were synched to music and made us really dizzy. So it was a cool experience. Hopefully I can squeeze in an astronomy class somewhere to expand my knowledge even more!


Coleen said...

Wow! This IS a little known fact Rach!
When did you start loving astronomy?
Cool fact about the neutron star***

mrpuente said...

I am also a huge fan of astronomy. Took the kids to Griffith Observatory for the first time last week. Hopefully astrophysics is in their future!