Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jack's Haircut

We've been resisting cutting Jack's hair for a long time now. He just has such perfect golden locks that we've let it grow long. Here he is a couple of weeks ago.

The problem is that its starting to get a little ratty and people are starting to think that we have 3 sons and a daughter. Jack is easily our most accommodating child, laid back, easy going and a real treat considering how opinionated the rest of us are. I'd like to think he's the most like me, but the truth is he's probably the least. So, he hasn't made a big deal about cutting his hair.

While we were up in Sacramento for Easter with, and since my sister Faith is a hair stylist I asked him if he wanted a haircut. He was totally excited and asked for a short cut. As you can see from the pic below, this was as short as I could allow. As you can also see from the pic, he was absolutely overjoyed to have that hair off of him. What a sweet guy. Shame to lose the locks, but what a great face and smile. Totally easier to see now that the hair is out of the way!


Coleen said...

Jack - we'll miss the luscious locks but I think this look is so very GQ and so very big boy too: :) You're so handsome

LiNds said...

So cute! Cant wait to see!

Eileen Young said...

What a good looking fellow!
No one will mistake you for a girl now.
For awhile I thought you may become a Samson & look what happened to him!
Can't wait till we see you.
Love you

beej11 said...


Nice do little man! It will be fun to see you this summer.

Mom must have felt the same way as you guys with my hair because I got mistaken for a girl all the time at Jackie's age (or so I've been told). But I turned out ok and I know Jack will turn out great.

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