Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Making FHE A Little More Impactful

We've undertaken a little project to make FHE a little more engaging and impactful for the boys.  Our first "stunt" was to teach about Noah and about the role of prophets and then visit the Noah's Ark Exhibit at the Skirball Museum.  If you haven't been or seen photos, you can check it out here.  The kids had a great time and the only hiccup was Christian's fear that our house wouldn't be safe through the flood.  We assured him it would be there when we returned.

We were impressed that they remembered the lesson so much more vividly as a result, so we've decided to try it out a little more regularly.  We're going to cover the six days of creation for the next few weeks.  I'd appreciate any thoughts on good activities for each week and also any teaching thoughts.  This is what we've thought of so far:

Week 1:  Light and dividing of day and night -- Picnic and watch the sunset at the Santa Monica Pier
Week 2:  Creating the firmament and Heaven -- Still at a loss on this one
Week 3:  Dividing the land and the sea -- Tide pools
Week 4:  Plant life -- Huntington Gardens
Week 5: Lights in the Firmament -- Griffith Observatory (maybe combine with Week 2)
Week 6:  Sea Life -- Long Beach Aquarium or Marine Animal Rescue
Week 7:  Animal Life -- LA Zoo or Natural History Museum

Anyway, this may be too activity heavy, but we'll see if we can have some fun with it.  Look forward to your thoughts.


LiNds said...

Firmament and heaven- maybe make pictures of the sky/heavens with cotton ball clouds... make rainbows too... show videos about this (like the double rainbow one!)

Bonnie White said...

There are some amazing photographs that were taken from the Huble (spelling ??)When I was a kid we would take empty cans, cover one end with black paper and pin prick a constellation into is surface and then turn it around so we could see the constellations. It's quite fascinating for them to learn about those and then try to find them in a night sky.

Char said...

Wow, this sure puts our FHEs to shame - especially since we've stopped having them these past few months. You've inspired me to get them going again. Thanks brother.

Eileen Young said...

How about making a diorama - that way you can combine hints from LiNds & Bonnie. The foundation should be solid - little cans filled with sand. A cardboard box could house the rest of creation and the boys would love moving things here/there. And it could all be done at home.
Let us know how you fare.
Love to all

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