Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rico in Blue

Rico did it!  He's now an official BYU graduate, making three in our family. And we got to be there to celebrate last weekend.  Elder Oaks' talk at commencement presented an interesting concept. He spoke of the 'mark' graduates have from attending BYU.  He said that the significance of the mark is two-fold; first, like a banner, it will be visible and it will have an effect on others.  'But the most important effect of the mark upon you today is not the signal it sends to others, but the influence it should have upon you'. It was inspiring to see Rico in the blue cap and gown. You're off to great things Rico :)


mrpuente said...

Congratulations! A big day. Here's to bright future!

Eileen Young said...

Congratulations. How handsome you look in your cap & gown. Best of luck for the future.

LiNds said...

Yay Rico! Way to go!! You must have been a great student and classmate and now you will be an awesome addition to the work force :)

Rico said...

thanks everyone for the congratulatory comments!

woozie said...

It was fun being there for your graduation, Rico! Congrats again and all the best :)