Sunday, June 3, 2012

Backyard Traveler

After a highly competitive and exhaustive search I have landed the coveted job as schneidremarks travel reporter.
I have always enjoyed the Edmonton river valley, which is one of the most attractive geographic features of this city.  Recently, with the help of my intrepid co-reporter, Nana, I have discovered an incredible network of trails and nature walks, almost right in our backyard.  

This is a beautiful time of the year in Alberta.  We have a short but intense growing season due to the long hours of sunshine. Landscapes that were hermetically sealed in glacial ice just a few short weeks ago have burst into beautiful colors, flowers, and leaves. Neighbors that have been unseen and forgotten for the winter months have emerged from their houses to inhale the beautiful spring air and work on their tans and their gardens.  Neighborhoods are transformed almost overnight.

We don't need to travel more than a few feet to enjoy such incredible beauty.
Nana and I look forward to exploring some of these great trails with you when you come to visit.  


LiNds said...

Yes, please!!

woozie said...

And they're so close to our house, it's great!

Char said...

We love the river valley too - it's the best thing Edmonton has to offer.