Monday, August 27, 2012

Thanks Uncle Spencer

Spencer wrote last year about his rekindling of the referee flame.  I just wanted to add a small note on that front.  I received this email from the commissioner this week:

Dear Coach Puente,

I just wanted to let you know that your teams are good for refs in both BU5 and BU7. You have two new volunteers in your BU5 team who I will try and convince to take the class, however having Spencer linked to your teams (which I just did) gives you a get-out-of-jail card - he is one of our very best refs and counts as two all on his own. I will continue to hound the extra volunteers to sign up for the class, because we always need new refs, but your teams are safe.


Cheers indeed!  Coaching two teams is daunting, but luckily I have a strong supporter in Uncle Spencer.  Thanks!  I think the note says a lot about him and what a great contributor he is to the family.


Eileen Young said...

Wow! That will look awesome on your resumé, Spencer! Congratulations.
We need more community support for our children.
Keep up the good work.

LiNds said...

I married a KEEPER!

Spence said...

While I played keeper growing up, I tend to play more defensive midfield or winger when I play pickup soccer nowadays. ;)

Thanks for the kind words everyone.