Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bonanza non-extravaganza

So as we were pulling into Regina for Aaron and Patti's wedding, I noticed Bonanza and strongly lobbied the group that for old time's sake it would be a good idea to go. As a youngster growing up and as many of the Schneider kids can also attest to, we frequented Bonanza especially when we lived in the ghetto by McKee elementary school.

I feel that I've definitely made a few mistakes in my life but I think this one was one of the worst. The food just wanted nearly as good and the self-serve ice cream just didn't have the same deliciousness as the early 90s. I still ate lots of food because I'm never one to shy away from a buffet but the sub-par quality definitely was a bit of a let down. Although it did help me appreciate the beef tenderloin that Aaron reminded me I had ordered for the wedding that much more.

Even little Benjamin was not satisfied with the ice cream because it was below his standards and he loves ice cream it seems to say that as much as he does "dewwwww" which is his version of juice. Would I go back to Bonanza? Probably not. The food is still ridiculously cheap but I want to try to salvage the memory I have of all you can eat ice cream that you can serve yourself and eat forever. Going to Bonanza again could destroy that memory for good.


Coleen said...

Well shucks Johnnie I'm sorry if this episode was the cause of debunking some precious childhood memories. Still, I wish I hadn't opted out of the experience in order to arrange flowers at the hotel. Good or bad, I could have used a shot of nostalgia - You Schneider kids were all so wonderfully cute eating eating non-stop Bonanza icecream back in the day!

beej11 said...

I think that old le sabre and the old beat up pickup preeetty much sums up the clientele that frequents that place. Maybe the food wasn't great because we didn't exactly fit in.

LiNds said...

my favorite was that Benjy kept asking in his cute voice, 'ice cream?' he kept asking for it and asking for ice cream and we're like, this IS ice cream! your dad's feeding it to you already! That IS what he's spooning into your cute little mouth! He was so confused. Being a connoisseur of B&Js (WIBLE quality.)