Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Story Time! (chapter 2)

'Wible, that's an interesting brand,' Dan thought to himself when he saw the black letters engraved on the clock. He retrieved his cell phone from his pocket. 'If anyone would know something about Wible it would be Ray.' Ray was a co-worker of Dan's who had a fascination with clocks. 'Ray could also explain the ticking' he thought. The phone was ringing. "We need you here at work right away Dan!" "Okay okay, I'll be there, you know I don't have a car right now, so I'm running late. Do you know anything about Wible, it's this brand on a clock I have." "I know I have heard of them before, but I can't remember much about them right now. Get over here!" "Okay okay, I am about to wave down a cab. I'll be there soon." A yellow cab stopped right by Dan. "Where are you headed?" The cab driver asked.

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