Thursday, June 2, 2011

Story Time! Chapter 3

As Dan took his seat in the cab he saw the reflection of a gaunt face with a broad forehead and dark penetrating eyes. The glare of the cab driver transmited sheer fear and intimidation. Dan glanced around nervously trying to avoid the cab driver's gaze in the rear view mirror. "Take me to the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream factory, I'm late for work please hurry," Dan exclaimed. "Right away," the cabbie replied calmly still staring at Dan as he quickly accelerated the taxi forward. Waves of a terrible scent of burning rubber penetrated Dan's nostrils as he quickly met the cabbie's eyes through the rearview mirror the cabbie would quickly glance to look at the road but would then quickly return to watching Dan through the mirror. It was at this moment that Dan noticed the brand name on the analog watch on the dash of the cabbie was peculiar. "Wiebe!" Dan whispered to himself loudly clenching his fists. "Yes" the cab driver replied calmly, "I hope you don't mind but we're going to need to make a quick stop along the way there's someone who needs to speak with you."

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