Monday, June 20, 2011

Story Time - Take Two - Chapter Two

At least that's what he thought it was. His ears strained towards the sounded more like something familiar - what? - bouncing off the tile floor outside and then onto the tough wood exterior of his door - ka ka thump. The noise bounced and shimmied through the echoes of Mr Davis' innermost being - his eyes shot up up to the shelves next to his window - taking in all the gleaming trophies. Now he knew what it was - it was the sound of a tennis ball bouncing off a handstrung 1920s Wright and Ditson wooden racquet. Mr Davis did not shuffle, he ran to the door, flung it open, and there before his eyes was - Martella!? smiling that gap-toothed dazzling smile. "It's about time you opened the door, Colin." Only she didn't say it in English. Because she only spoke Russian. She walked into the room, bouncing the bright green tennis ball off he racquet. "Do you still have that bottle?"

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