Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Storytime 2, Chapter 4

Colin snapped back to his room again. Clearly his prolonged exposure to the green liquid was effecting his brain and causing him to come unloose in time. It was imperative he find the right candidate and make the hand off in the next 24 hours or he could be trapped forever in a timeloop. The knock came again, more insistently this time. "Mr. Davis" the muffled voice called through the door. "Come in" Colin said with exhaustion. The door opened slowly and a child, no more than 7 years old entered. This was Mikey Walsh, the rest home owner's son and a very sweet young man. Colin was startled at the prospect of entrusting a small boy with this precious gift, but then saw a beauty in it. "Mikey, come over here. I have something to show you."

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