Sunday, June 5, 2011

Story Time (Chapter 7)

The lights went out in the factory and Dan was confused and edgy as his wrist that held the watch started to shake. As he tried to make out the dim objects ahead, he also found himself wishing that taken up that job offer he got from the Haagen Dazs factory down the road for only slightly more pay as he figured he may have avoided this mess if he had done so. Perhaps his loyalty to Ben & Jerry would prove to be a costly mistake. Just when he thought he could see the outline of a person in the darkness, a bright flash of light came. Dan's feet fell out from under him and he slipped into total darkness as he felt himself falling through what seemed like a narrow shaft that may have been part of the sewer system. It seemed as though he briefly lost consciousness but when he came to, he was on a surfboard on top of a large 20 foot wave, a pack of explosives on his back and a sub-machine gun. The only other person in view was the midget and the objects in the distance were unmistakeable - they were headed towards the harbour in Sydney, Australia.

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