Thursday, June 9, 2011

Story (Chapter 8)

Melissa is totally swamped right now. I'll jump in with a chapter now and may have to do her chapter as well:

Dan had always wanted to get to Sydney, but not this way. He quickly assessed the situation and it was dire. The tsunami alone will destroy half the city and who knows how much devastation is packed into this vest, he thought. He watched the midget jump into the water and swim past the wave, agile and effortless as a dolphin. Dan would have noted how surreal the moment was if he wasn't totally concentrated on the vest. He noted that the clasp mechanisms were almost identical to the automatic capping machine at the Ben & Jerry's factory, which he knew forwards and back, having serviced the temperamental machine almost daily. With a few strategic twists he managed to remove the vest and dropped it off the side of the surfboard. He then jumped off as well. The power of the tsunami was ridiculous, Dan was barely able to aim the machine gun and shoot the explosives about 100 yards from him in the water. BOOM! The vest packed a devastating punch throwing Dan forcefully through the water. As he blacked out again, he saw the midget swimming toward him.

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